The journey has officially begun!

Mike and I are so excited to have found the perfect adoption agency for our journey! We are going to be working with Genesis of Pittsburgh. We had a group meeting with them last month with a few other couples. It was just a sit down informational meeting to see if it would be the right place for us. When we left, we had such a great feeling that we decided that they were the agency that we wanted to work with.

We had our one-on-one meeting earlier this week and felt even more excited about working with Genesis! Our first step is attending classes, like first aid, breastfeeding and the like, which will begin in December. At the first class we will get all of the paperwork. After we complete all of the paperwork we will schedule our home study.

We have been really lucky to have the support of our family and friends. We are almost at our financial goal for this adoption and we couldn’t be more relieved! It’s a huge weight off of us knowing we don’t have to worry about continually raising funds. We are having a bowl-a-thon fundraiser in February 2018 and that should put us over the top! We are so blessed!

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