Our Story

We met at work doing a project together. We chatted a bit via email and just hit it off. We both loved football and decided to have our first date the weekend before the Super Bowl. We had a great time and it was that point that we both knew that this was going to be “it”. ūüôā

We didn’t want to start a family right away. We just wanted it to be the two of us. When we did start trying I was in my mid-thirties so I knew the clock was ticking. After a year of no success we decided to seek help. ¬†After many tests for both of us, we learned that IUI would be our best option. We tried several procedures but with no results.

And then our miracle happened in October 2014. We were finally pregnant! We were in shock and overjoyed. It was finally happening.

When¬†we¬†went for¬†the¬†10 week ultrasound the unthinkable happened. The baby had stopped growing at 5 1/2 weeks and had no heartbeat. We were both completely devastated. Why was this happening to us after everything we had been through? But we decided that we would keep trying and that’s what we’ve been doing. But the emotional roller coaster of trying and failing has finally taken their toll. We decided to begin the process of adoption.

We are seeking a birth mother that will help make our dream of becoming parents come true. If you are in trouble or know of anyone that is pregnant and needs help, please get in touch with us!

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